Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fresh Air

The good news is that I'm spending more and more time outdoors. The trees and grass are greening up, and my flower baskets are actually hanging outside now. The birds are singing and flitting about our yard. Daisy, the twins, and I enjoy our daily walk each afternoon. The older girls will be out of school next week, and we're all looking forward to lots of bike rides, park time, and summer fun.

The bad news is that I'm spending more and more time outdoors. Which means the house doesn't get cleaned and my poor blog feels neglected. I'm writing the occasional post for Scribbit, which is where I'm at today, so any free time not spent outside is used to perch my miniscule bottom on my chair and stare at the computer, while I silently beg myself to come up with something . . . ANYTHING . . . that won't compel readers to throw rotting vegetables at their screens.

I think I'd better go outside and clear my head.

Dinner last night: pulled pork sandwich

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Karen Mortensen said...

With all that beauty I wouldn't blame you. Enjoy the time you can spend outside. I hope you can update at least once a week or so.

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I've decided that my house will just not be clean (at least not all of it at the same time) until the weather turns bad again. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Also, I'd rather be out playing in the dirt. You have to have priorities.

Katherine said...

Since spring/summer is barely coming, how much nice weather do you get before winter comes again? I think that you should spend as much time in that beautiful outdoors as you can.

Helene said...

Uh, yeah...who could blame you, with a view like that??

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

SIGH! Once again, the sights surrounding your home amaze me. You know, we just have horse farms round here!

And, when you figure out how to spend time outside, get all the house chores done AND blog, let me know. Then I can find room to stick homeschooling and the gym in there

Anonymous said...

That scenery is gorgeous .... but snow, still? I bet the air is wonderfully fresh and clean .... enjoy!