Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stealth Birdwatching

Birds have been . . . well, flocking back to Alaska in . . . er, flocks. We're seeing tons of red-breasted robins and black-and-white magpies hopping about our yard. Can I catch any of them on film? NO. They're crafty little things. Turns out, bird photography isn't as easy as I thought. I wait and wait and wait for a bird to land nearby . . . slowly raise my camera to my eye . . . poise my finger over the button, and . . . AARGH! Off the bird flies.

I figured I'd have better luck photographing my fine feathered friends down near the water, where the seagulls are nesting in the marsh grasses. Based on my past experience with robins and magpies, it should not surprise you that I was unable to capture the image of a single stinkin' seagull. However! Miraculously, I was able to snap a picture of the rare and wily . . .

. . . sitting duck.

This little guy refused to look me in the eye.
When I tried to get his attention . . . 

. . . he flew off. How rude.

Dinner last night: baked ziti, green beans

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Katherine said...

We have a cardinal that lives in our back yard, and in over one year, I haven't been able to get a decent picture of the guy. It's frustrating to no end.

Sadia said...

Those are beautiful photos!

Have considered filming them, and then grabbing stills you like? It seems that you wouldn't have to work as hard to make your camera react in the right instant.

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Ooooh! The second picture. The bird is so pretty!! Nice shot!

Karen Mortensen said...

These are so beautiful. I love them all.

Michele said...

Steps to successful bird photography:

1. Set up a feeder across from the kitchen window above the sink. If you have bears around, make sure the feeder is up high enough not to attract their attention.

2. Keep your camera on the sill.

3. Wash dishes by hand at least five times a day. You will be guaranteed plenty of opportunity to observe and photograph birds in action.

Works for me!

Helene said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful close-up!!! I'm in the process of writing a post about those darn barn swallows who just had babies right outside our front door. That mama bird stares me down with such an evil eye!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

This reminds me of when I was a kid. I got a bird identification book because I was going to go bird watching.

I didn't see another bird for the rest of the summer. It was like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring or something. Really weird.