Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daisy, Ollie . . . Ollie, Daisy.

My mom arrived for a visit. She stepped off the plane with a smile on her face and 7-pound ball of fluff under her arm. Looks like Daisy has a new playmate.

(click arrow to play)

Dinner last night: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots

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Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Cute photo. I hope they get along! My parents have a white shih tzu that is best friends with my black shih tzu. It's very cute.

Michele said...

Hilarious song choice! Did you know your mom was bringing her dog? (I'm guessing yes...)

I couldn't tell from the video if they were having fun, or not. Good luck!

glitzen said...

Oh, how exciting! Its always fun to see how animals react to one another. Sounds like you will be entertained. Now be nice, Daisy! :)

Kim said...

They are having a blast chasing each other through the house. Even though Ollie is smaller, he is the boss. Daisy's a big scaredy-dog.

Unknown said...

since we r coming to alaska next summer, you will get to meet zeus, my in-laws dog. shes a maltese, hilarious name i know!