Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rides, Rides, and More Rides

You know you're an old fogey when fair rides no longer elicit screams of delight, but instead cause waves of nausea and the onset of a migraine headache. I can't believe I've come to this point in my life, but I'd rather stay on the ground and take pictures of my girls having fun than squeeze my slender hips into a nice, comfy Hell's Bells roller coaster ride and get spun around in circles. I know. I've become my grandmother.

Who are these nicely behaved children?
Look at how well they keep their hands
inside the railroad car at all times.

There's my girl.

Dinner last night: spaghetti with meat sauce, green salad, garlic bread


Mother Mayhem said...

I think I was born an old fogey.

I used to LOVE the rides. Turn you upside down? LOVED it. Spin you until you couldn't stand up? AWESOME! Now? I can walk across the floor and fall over. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this! I can still manage the roller coasters but anything that spins in circles ...... ugh, I go green and icky feeling ....

Sara said...

Those rides look way more fun than the last time I was at the AK state fair... 8 years ago? 9 years ago?

glitzen said...

Cute! I have pics of my girls on that circus train, when they were that age. I'm so excited, we decided to go to the fair! Your pics make me want to head up there right now. Thanks for sharing them.

Bethany said...

That second ride looks like so much fun! I've never seen that one before! :)