Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the Mullygrubs

Bleh. My back started to go out, then I caught some kind of gross stomach bug that knocked me for a 24-hour loop, which led to my back seizing up on me after laying in bed all day trying not to hurl.

Even if my back would have allowed me to sit in front of the computer, my 9-year-old needed it for her research project. RESEARCH project. She's in fourth grade and knows nothing about introductory paragraphs, conclusions, or thesis statements, but she's supposed to write two papers—yes, TWO—on mountains and lakes. So I was gasping in pain, while trying to teach her how to take notes and write paragraphs and put everything together in a RESEARCH PAPER, and she was Googling phrases like What is a mountain? and How are lakes formed? while her mother was not blogging.

Speaking of not blogging, I'm feeling discouraged. I'm not sure why. Can't put my finger on it. I want to write more. I want to write less. I want to change my focus. I want things to stay the same. I can write. I'm illiterate. Who cares who reads my stuff—it's nonsense, anyway. Why can't I attract an audience? You see my dilemma.


Dinner last night: stuffed green peppers


Michele said...

Poor Kim. You've been having a rough time of it. I was wondering if you were taking another sabbatical, but instead you were out of commission. I hope this post means you're back on your feet.

I haven't been inspired to blog much lately either, but not because of any philosophical crisis. It just seems like not much noteworthy is happening of late. I hope things level out for you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's enough of the pity-party. Time to get up and get back to the keyboard. Every writer has their tuff times but you just have to keep at it. I enjoy reading your blog and I know many others do too. Some writers are blocked because they're always trying to out do themselves. They take the old adage that "you're only as good as your last" blog to heart and it gets in the way of their creative juices. Just start writing and the ideas will flow. Write for yourself first and your audience second, that'll keep you happy and us readers will be happy vicariously!

Unknown said...

sorry you are down. People do read you, even when you think they don't. I love when you post photos of your beautiful home state. But I will never acknowledge that I said so. I have always dreamed of visiting, so for now at least, I can visit through you. I didn't think you were supposed to get down until you had like 30 days with no sunlight or something. Just kidding. Feel better soon!

Bethany said...

I'm the same way with blogging. I think it 's a normal thing to feel, truthfully!