Monday, August 10, 2009

Shades of Grey

We hiked around a rocky beach over the weekend. The day was overcast but warm, although it's always a tad breezy at the water's edge.

The tide was out, exposing the mud flats.

She looks so lonely, doesn't she? She actually just ran down to the water to rinse the mud off her shoes.

I'm surprised this picture is clear since my hands were shaking, along with my voice, as I shrieked at my husband to "Get her!"

Whew! They made it to the top . . .
and now it's time to roll rocks off the cliff.

There's something about wild grass. I just like it.

I also hold a spot in my heart for driftwood
— or should I say drift trees? —
that years of water and wind have bleached out.

Right as we were climbing back into the car to head home, the sun came out. Still no color, but at least the water is sparkling now.

Dinner last night: pork chops, stuffing, mushroom gravy, steamed broccoli


Stephanie Faris said...

Now THAT is a day. And you capped it off with pork chops! Couldn't get more perfect than that.

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks beautiful. What I don't get is that everyone is in long sleeves. Seriously? It's like you are trying to mock me and my 110 degree heat.

Helene said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day! I love the pic of your daughter standing next to your husband (with a death grip) as your husband rolls a rock down the hill!!

You take the most gorgeous pics (I say that every time I come here, don't I? But it's true!)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Dinner sounds fantastic! Yum!

You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty every day!

glitzen said...

Shades of grey, ha ha. Yeah, I know what you mean. Was this near Beluga Point? I love the Arm so much. Scary rock climber there, be careful!

Kathy B! said...

This is such lovely photography. I love Alaska. My niece and her family, as well as my SIL live up there and I am thrilled whenever we get to visit.

Lloks like a fabulous day was had by all.

Kim said...

Good eye there, G! Yes, that's Beluga Point! We did not take them up on the BIG rock, we just climbed around on the south side.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Gorgeous pictures! What the heck is it with you,and Helene, and children on rocks with their fathers????