Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If Looks Could Kill

While hiking around the beach the other day, I came across a rock wall that I thought might make an interesting backdrop for a picture of the girls. I sat my two oldest daughters down in front of it and asked them to smile.

Bad idea. Let's separate everybody and try this again.

This child wouldn't stop laughing and goofing around.

This child refused to say cheese. Still irritated with her older sister for some injustice or another, I'm guessing.

This child wanted nothing to do with me, the camera,
or the stinkin' rock wall.


One out of four ain't bad.

Dinner last night: barbecue chicken, potato salad


Stephanie Faris said...

Great pictures! We have that problem with my boyfriend's daughter. I'm always telling people, "I swear she's a happy girl...she just hates smiling for pictures."

glitzen said...

ha ha! makes me feel like my girls are normal. i don't know why they are sick of posing...i only take about six hundred pics a week. sheeesh.
by the way, do you realize by reading your blog i can have dinner planned a day ahead and never have to think about it. i can just go, "okay, so bbq chicken it is" and never have to think again. its awesome! (should I just tell you what ingredients I have?)

Helene said...

I know! I know! My kids are like this too. For every 25 pictures I take, there's maybe 1-2 pics with 1 kid smiling (or at least a hint of a smile).

BTW, I think the rock wall is cool. I would've smiled.

Mother Mayhem said...

I feel ya! Trying to catch my Itty Bitty granddaughter smiling is no easy feat! LOL.

I think the pictures of your girls are great... Even the sister squabbble. ;o)