Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Small Peeve

Before kids, my husband and I lived for several years in Southern California and then for a couple more in northern Ohio. I remember taking long bike rides—in both states—on trails that wound back into parks and around lakes and through lovely wooded areas. Did I just dream those bike trails? Because, in Alaska, most of the bike trails run parallel to the road. They also double as sidewalks.

I suppose they come in handy for the many, many people who use them to jog, walk their dogs,and push their baby strollers, but all the cars and trucks roaring by sure do make for a noisy ride. Didn't stop us, though, from getting out and enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Relax, Mom! I promise not to stray
off the bike path into oncoming traffic.

Dinner last night: spaghetti with meat sauce, green salad


Sara said...

Have you guys done the coastal train or the stuff at Kincaid?

Sara said...

Duh. Trail.

Helene said...

Glad to see you're all having a fun summer so far!! Those trails do seem awfully close to the road!

Kim said...

You're right, Sara! The coastal trail is great, and we biked that a lot before the twins arrived. We only biked into Kincaid a couple of times.

My husband reminded me that when we lived Outside we had to drive to where the trails were; it wasn't like they started at our back door.

I haven't taken the girls over to the coastal trail lately just because it means loading all the bikes and the "chariot" (what we haul the twins in), and it's too much work when we just want to go on a little jaunt. So what I'm sayin' is I'm LAZY ; ) and a COMPLAINER : P