Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FORT FUN (Try Saying THAT Five Times Fast!)

No sooner did I post that my older girls have no desire to enter into the woods, then my 9-year-old decided to build a fort back in the trees. She's been out there from morning until night with the wheelbarrow, a rake, and work gloves on her hands clearing a big space under the alders. I remember "building" the same kind of fort with my sister when we were kids.

Whereas boys sneak hammers and nails from their dads' tool benches to construct an actual shelter, girls are more into the essence of a fort. They draw a line in the dirt to separate rooms, which are then furnished with chairs from the deck, cups from the kitchen, and their baby sisters' training potty from the bathroom.

Under threat of indictment for high treason, I'm prohibited from revealing the location of this TOP SECRET hideaway that only my daughter, her sisters, my husband, the neighbor kids, and I know about. But I can show you where the trail head starts . . .

Maybe if I write a post that mentions how my daughter has no interest in making her bed or unsetting the table, I'll wake up tomorrow to a TOP SECRET clean house.

Dinner last night: barbecue salmon, salad

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Helene said...

Oh yes, we can dream, right? I'm still envious of all the land you have on your property!!