Monday, June 15, 2009

Water Babies

When the temperature at our airport hit 80° last week, that was it. My husband dragged out the pool from its big bin next to the shed and began the two-day process of setting it up, filling it with water, adjusting the chlorine level, and keeping the girls back with threats of flogging by an organic carrot until the pool was completely ready for swimmers.

Big sister leads the way.

No fear!

Well, maybe a little fear.

That last picture looks bad, but let me assure you that she jumped in completely voluntarily. The scared expression shows how my kid works through her trepidation, which is basically "Watch me suck it up and leap!" 

Besides, if my tiny Michael Phelps was traumatized by jumping into the swimming pool, would she then spend the rest of the day and all night with these on?

Ready at a moment's notice to go swimming again.

Dinner last night: steak and veggie stir fry


Michele said...

How awesome! I'm so happy you're able to enjoy such summery weather!

Helene said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the look on her face, just as her feet are about to touch the water!!!!

My kids are obsessed with swim goggles too!

Kim said...

80 degrees last week? We hit 80 last month and are now having days of 104 degree heat index...oh wait, you probably don't even know what a heat index is...that's what it feels like in the shade. In the sun it actually feels like 124 degrees! Enjoy your nice weather! We get that back in November. LOL!