Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Bogey Isn't Something You Wipe from Your Nose

For those who were surprised when I mentioned Alaska's warm temperatures, I'm about to blow your mind. We have golf courses.

They may not be designed by Arnold Palmer and they don't overlook the ocean, but tee times are booked solid from May through September. You'll have a tough time finding a more devoted golfer than the linksman who plays within Alaska's borders. Our golfers brave the rain, put up with laughable grass conditions, wait while moose stroll across the green, and then kick aside the bear scat so they can make a clear shot.

We even have golf carts!

Alaskan trees make for a pretty backdrop, but forget about finding your ball if it lands in the woods.

Guys aren't happy until they break something. My brother-in-law, quite inadvertently, made a shot that not only hit that tiny chain fence but snapped a link right in two. Nice drive!

Dinner last night: chicken tikka masala


Helene said...

I love BIL's smile in that picture...kinda like he's proud of it but he knows he shouldn't be!!

What's that you're making for dinner?

glitzen said...

Yep, golf is alive and well in alaska! My only appreciation of it is the pretty green-ness when I drive by. That's about it.
Nice pics though. :)