Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Five: Francesca

Welcome to my weekly feature, Friday's Five, in which I ask a fabulous blogger five random questions. Well, four random questions and an inquiry about dinner. I'm not Rachael Ray, people! I need ideas!

Today I'm talking with Francesca, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two beautiful children. Her warmth and friendliness shine through her writing, even in the comments that she leaves for others. She and a couple of her friends take turns posting on their blog, Three Bay B Chicks, and their different viewpoints result in snappy, hilarious, informative material. I particularly enjoy Francesca's humor, and look forward to her zany observations and the pictures she uses as supporting evidence.

1. How old are your children and do they have any pets? My son, Giancarlo, is three, and my daughter, Lucia, is one, going on twenty-one. We do not have any pets, unless you count our fish, which you probably shouldn't because I have a hard time keeping them alive. For quite a while now, I've been thinking about writing a post entitled "I'm No Jacques Cousteau," detailing my failure as an aquatic pet owner.

2. In your opinion, what are some of the pros and cons of raising children in a big city? Honestly, I think about the answer to this question all the time. There is a richness and unique diversity to the culture, food, and the things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area in California that you do not find elsewhere. However, these benefits are also coupled with the realities of crime, traffic, and the high cost of living. Do we want to live where we are currently forever? Probably not, but for now, life is pretty good.

3. I've been to San Francisco a couple of times, usually just passing through. What must-sees would you recommend for someone who's got a couple of days to explore the area? One of my blogging partners, Kacey, actually wrote a post on this exact topic for Michelle of Scribbit, who I believe you also featured recently. Michelle hosts a series on her site where she invites bloggers to write about the fun and interesting things to do in their part of the world. It is a great idea from one of the best bloggers around. You can read the post here. Of the recommendations that Kacey made, my favorite destinations included the California Academy of Sciences, the Randall Museum, and Ella's Restaurant. All these spots are fun for both adults and kids.

4. I try and fail miserably to write with humor—it's really the most difficult type of writing for me. I just love your sense of comedy, and I wonder how easy or difficult the writing process is for you? How can you say that you are not funny? I think you need to go back and re-read this post. It is now June and I still remember how hard I laughed when I first read it.

Setting that aside, a sincere thank you for your compliment. I am never sure if people who read our site will think that I am entertaining or completely off of my rocker. Writing posts that include humor is easier for me than sitting down and writing something serious. I have always been the girl who is quick to try to get a laugh in order to get someone's attention.

The writers in the blogosphere that should be admired are those who can be both funny and serious . . . like Michelle and like you. It is something that I aspire to.

5. Wait for it . . . what did you have for dinner last night?! I didn't. I was at a birthday party with my kids. In between serving food, manning the jumpy castle, and cleaning up, I didn't have a moment to eat. I hope to rectify this situation tonight with something great . . . just as long as my husband is cooking.

Thank you so much, Francesca! I feel your pain on the fish issue—I just rescued our Betta fish from an almost certain watery grave after my twins poured an entire canister of fish food into his bowl. Speaking of food . . . I hope you eat a good dinner tonight—we need you nice and healthy so you can keep entertaining us with your great blog!

See ya'll back here next Friday, when I'll sit down to interrogate another unsuspecting blogger.


Helene said...

I love Francesca!!! Everytime I see on my blogroll that there's a new post on the blog she writes with Kacey and Thuy, I run right over there, knowing it'll be full of entertainment!! They're all fabulous writers! Oh and I love their Ask A Dad funny!

Kim, how can you say you're not funny??!! You're one of those people who's hilarious but doesn't even realize it!!! And you're witty too!

peewee said...

I gotta agree with Francesca here. I just went to your xmas post and laughed out loud! I thought maybe she was just trying to be nice to you, but no! You're seriously funny!!!

And I am telling the truth because when i read a funny post I ache with envy and then think..."can I steal this with a simple cut and paste? no one will know!"

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love Francesca, too! What a fun interview! I enjoy her humor as well.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Thank you again, Kim! This was great fun and a wonderful boost to my fragile ego. :)

Hilarious note about your fish. An entire cannister of fish food? Did your two just feel that Mr. Fish was incredibly hungry? Too funny!

Enjoy your weekend.


Kathy B! said...

I'm also a Francesca lover, and I just have to say that she is right on with her claim that you are funny! That post was HILARIOUS :)

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! love Francesca, she feels like an old friend, I like her style of writing, so honest, funny and totally leaves you with something new to learn!

glitzen said...

Oh good, a new blog to read! I love your Friday Five feature, Kim. I will go and check her out!
And by the way, you ARE hilarious, so there. Unfunny no way no how.

Ann Imig said...

What a great feature, and interview!

Francesca, I don't know how you do it...contribute to such a huge blog and read and comment so effectively as well.

Oh yeah, and the mothering thing. Do you have help? Like a nanny who blogs? ;)

Jo said...

I don't think she is off her rocker, I think she is funny, pretty much all the time. And nice, don't forget nice.

JenEverAfter said...

I can totally relate about the humor vs. serious writing. The funny stuff (or maybe it's just funny to me?) just flows, but when I try to make a serious post, it's just impossible! It's something I'm working on as well.

Kristyn said...

Your "Friday's Five" is a great idea! (I'm a first-time reader) Looking forward to checking back next week!