Monday, December 15, 2008

Tagging Isn't Just for Gangsters Anymore

It's only taken me months, but I'm finally getting around to responding to some fun little memes. Helene from I'm Living Proof that God has a Sense of Humor tagged me to write about my quirks. Both TwinMama from Bringing up Twins and Lana from The Kids Did WHAT?! tagged me to come up with six random things about myself.

Procrastination is not a character trait I would normally champion, but in this case, waiting so long has provided a good excuse for combining my assignments into one post. So here are six random and/or quirky things about myself, along with a WARNING that this may be TMI for most of you. Just sayin'.

1. I am rarely seen in public without earrings. They are my favorite form of jewelry. If you ever find yourself wondering, "What shall I give to Kim for Christmas?" the answer will always be earrings. And chocolate. I have 2 pierced holes in each earlobe and I would have many more running up the sides of my ears, except that I once accompanied my bohemian friend to the mall where she got her right ear pierced way up high. When the stud went through the cartilage, I heard the grossest crunching sound imaginable. So, no more ear piercing for me.

2. I hate lines. Who doesn't? But my loathing for waiting in line borders on the pathological. I have gained a reputation amongst my family and friends as being highly organized, when in reality "organization" is just my coping mechanism for avoiding anxiety attacks while standing in line. If I told you that I research the best times, locations, and strategies for getting in and out of a facility, you'd probably think, Big deal. She uses Fandango . . . So does everybody! Girlfriend, please. When you can tell me which entrance gates at Disneyland move faster, then we'll talk about who hates lines more. (By the way, studies have shown it's Gate 13 and 20).

3. Canned ham and I do not get along. Something in canned ham—high sodium content? a particular preservative?—causes me to become violently ill. Fortunately, I'm not allergic to pork in general. A broiled chop is fine. A honey-baked ham is delightful. Just keep me away from the canned stuff. Please don't even offer me canned ham, because I am very polite and would probably eat it so as not to hurt your feelings. And then I'd end up vomiting all over your pretty accent rug. 

4I involuntarily quote lines from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Hearing certain trigger words, like peach, will compel me to blurt out, "Do I dare to eat a peach?!" Overhearing someone sigh, "I'm gettin' too old for this," will cause me to shout, "I grow old . . . I grow old . . . I shall wear my trousers rolled!" It's annoying, I know. Yet I cannot stop.

5. My jaw is screwed up. When I was 16 years old, I went snorkeling and, when I came out of the water for lunch and tried to eat a Dorito, I realized that my jaw was locked. In a panic, I forced it open, heard a pop, and experienced an aching pain that persists to this day. Stupid TMJ.

6. I over-explain.

Dinner last night: broccoli shrimp alfredo


Michele said...

Just curious - why is the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock so special to you? I have never heard of it before today.

glitzen said...

I love how you crack me up, Kim. I am also way overdue for linking and tagging, etc. So just know that I know, and that will have to do for now. LOL.

Kim said...

M-there really is no significance to me, other than I had to study it and write a paper on it. Eliot won the Nobel prize for Literature, and Prufrock is considered one of his greatest works.

You know how a song your child keeps singing gets caught in your head? I think that happened to me with Prufrock--reading it, discussing it in class, writing about it . . . it got stuck in my head. TWENTY YEARS AGO.

Helene said...

I'm still laughing!!! Kim, you are hilarious!!! What's up with the canned ham? I get sick too when I eat it. But not with fresh ham...wierd, huh?

That is strange what happened with your jaw after snorkeling. I think I would've panicked too!! Did you ever find out why that happened?

twinmamabee said...

You're such a gangsta'!

Sorry about your jaw, that kind of hurt mine reading what happened.

I especially like the last one and the irony that came with it! You are soo funny!