Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guess Who Likes Her New Coat?

There was a time when I was a perfect parent. That time occurred well over a decade ago, before I had children. If my younger self could see me now, she would sniff, "When I have kids, I will never let them eat soup while wearing their brand new coats."

And my older more experienced self would retort, "Shush up, you skinny know-it-all. At least I convinced my daughter to take off her mittens before eating lunch. I've learned to pick my battles."

To which, my younger self would reply, "I refuse to argue with an obviously deranged woman who sets her table with plastic utensils, paper napkins, and coffee mugs instead of soup bowls."

Everything tastes better when I wear my beautiful pink coat.

Dinner last night: lasagna, garlic toast, broccoli


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

My kids are the same way with new clothes. They certainly aren't deprived of new clothing, but you would think otherwise upon seeing their reaction to new stuff!!

Sometimes soup seems to taste better in a mug. Especially a giant mug! Love it! Can I have it? Lol! Think about how much COFFEE That one holds!!

That's adorable how she even has her hood on. "Geez mom, turn up the heat in here, will ya?!" Lol!

Helene said...

Awww, but she looks so darn adorable!! So what's a few soup stains?? As if you need more laundry, right?

The beginning line of this post reminded me of a funny book I read a few months ago called "I was a Good Parent before I had kids"...ain't that the truth? I'm right there with you!

glitzen said...

Oh so cute. u r so funny!

BTW, do your girls have hanna andersson snowsuits? they are so cute and colorful, they look like hanna's.

Kim said...

G-yes! good eye! Those are Hanna snowsuits--I bought them big, so the girls can wear them at least 2 winters. They're so expensive, I'll probably make the girls wear them a third year just to get our money's worth!

twinmamabee said... is all about picking your battles! That is definitely the truth. It is amazing what we will do when we are tired and stressed and just want some peace and quiet!

I used to tisk at those women who used the humongous shopping carts with the plastic car attachments for the kids. I just thought those were plain obnoxious. Then I had twins...

Enough said.