Monday, January 7, 2013

I Need an Actuary

All sorts of tables and charts can be found that break down how much time people spend on various activities. For example, three minutes (twice a day) brushing one's teeth adds up to 36.5 hours per year, which results in 106.45 days brushing teeth over an average person's lifetime.

I'd like to know how much time I will have spent hunched over my vacuum cleaner cutting off the hair that's wrapped around the roller.

25 minutes x every 2 or 3 weeks x 75 years (make that 80, or better yet, 95 healthy years) = too much time cutting hair off the vacuum roller

Dinner last night: garlic chicken pizza

Exactly one year ago:

Exactly four years ago:


Stef said...

Lol! My vacuum looks just the same. I have thick dark blonde hair that sheds like crazy. My mom used to always complain about my "golden tresses" all around the house. *I think you should outsource that job to your able bodied, long haired girlies, IMO ;)

Katherine said...

Thank goodness for short-haired boys (and for mostly hard surface floors.)

Susan @ MadebyMommainPA.Blogspot.Com said...
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Susan @ MadebyMommainPA.Blogspot.Com said...

HAHA Same thing in my house only it is all my hair! Only thing that is worse it the hair I leave in the drain!!

I've posted something on my blog for you, I hope you like it!!

Liebster Award

Baldy said...

here is my remedy - we bought a house last summer - it has all hard wood floors!
: )