Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Medals I Could Win If These Were Olympic Sports:

BRONZE: Pinning an absurd amount of organization ideas, while sitting in the chair next to my "junk closet" that I haven't cleaned out in two years.

SILVER: Simultaneously complaining about drivers who go too fast, drivers who go too slow, drivers who pass, drivers who tailgate, drivers who look too old to be driving, drivers who look too young to be driving, drivers who cut me off when they merge onto the road, drivers who slow down and crawl along the shoulder of the road rather than merge in front of me, drivers who don't know their signal light is still blinking, and drivers/pedestrians who flip me off.

SILVER: 50-yard dash through the rain while holding child in one arm, cake platter in the other, purse over right shoulder, diaper bag over left shoulder, and pushing stroller by pressing my stomach into the handle and directing it with my hip bones.

GOLD: Avoiding commitment without ever once uttering the actual word, no, when someone corners me at church and asks if I can help out in the nursery

GOLD: Eating chips and salsa faster than anyone at the table. (I believe I could also set the World Record in this event.)

Dinner last night: homemade chicken & veggie soup

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Karen M. Peterson said...

If you won the Silver for that driving one, I'd surely win the Gold.

Karen Mortensen said...

I am impressed with your silver medal for running in the rain etc. You should get a gold for that.
I am right with you on your gold medal one for chips and salsa. Love that stuff.

Unknown said...

hahha gold for the nursery is my favorite! I'd definitely be a Gold for Pinterest Pins