Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer

Per our family's annual tradition, we attended the Alaska State Fair over the weekend. I didn't take my good camera because it was raining, so pardon the blurry shots from my phone.

Our eldest daughter is proving herself to be a gaming genius. Or as George Costanzo would pronounce, jeen-ee-us.You know those carnival games that are impossible to win? She wins them. We thought it was a freak instance of luck when at age 6 she beat all the adults who were shooting at moving ducks, but she's continued to dominate as she's grown.

The rest of us plop down our money, miss the target, and walk away empty-handed. My daughter plops down her money, flings darts at balloons, and walks away with a huge yellow monkey.

The twins were obsessed with the farm animals, particularly the baby chicks.

I finally had to drag them away from the tub, so some of the other kids could have a chance to ooh and aah over the little cheepers.

As our husband led us over to look at the four-wheelers and R/V campers, we happened upon a booth containing a small group of face painting jeen-ee-us-es. The twins asked for the Jewel Princess look . . .

What an awesome job the make-up artists did (in about half the time and price as the other place we've used in the past). We'll be back to this booth next year!

Dinner last night: corn dogs, gyro sandwiches, cotton candy, kettle corn

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm really good at plopping my money down and winning nothing.
Although I do pretty good with the water guns into the target. She must have had a ball. Does she share her winnings? Everyone else looks like they had fun too.
Love the face paint!

Cheryl Lage said...

We always get so tickled that we could BUY the prizes many times over by the time w actually win one! That face paint is FANTASTIC....great shot! Happy almost end of summer! :)

Unknown said...

Every family should have an end-of-the-summer shebang. I did it this year by taking my grandkids on a picnic and then to a local zoo.