Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar for Best Cowlick Goes to . . .

Thank you so much. What an incredible honor. I'd like to thank my parents, especially my mom, who despite her hysterical tendencies still loves me and supports me. I'd also like to thank my wonderful fans—you've always been there for me and never fail to stop me and my mother in the grocery store to point out the section of hair strangely sprouting from my head.

I share this award with my twin sister for giving me the cowlick of a lifetime. When I was playing under my bed and caught my long hair in the springs, I never dreamed that she would be the one to come to my rescue with a pair of scissors. So, thanks, sis. This is for you.

Dinner last night: cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans


Helene said...

Nooooooooo!!!!! I'm not sure to be happy that her sister rescued her (with scissors, no less) or giggle because she looks so darn cute!!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those two are lucky they're so cute!