Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretending to Look Excited

I grew up in small town Alaska, where the sport of basketball rules, as it does in most of rural Alaska. In a few of our larger towns and in the big city of Anchorages, though, hockey is huge. The Alaska Aces recently won the ECHL National Championship and were awarded the Kelly Cup, which has been making its rounds across the state. The traveling Cup provides opportunities for sports nuts like my husband to force their wives to stand up in restaurants with the gargantuan trophy so their young children can snap blurry pictures on cell phones.

Seeing this very picture of myself prompted me to march straight to the hair salon and chop off all my hair. I'M NOT KIDDING.

Dinner last night: roasted turkey sandwiches

Exactly three years ago:


Heather said...

Wait I want a chopped off hair picture!

We live outside of Boston and the Boston Bruins just won the Stanley Cup. The whole state went crazy! My husband would never let my son touch the Stanley Cup, though because he says it is bad luck to touch it unless you have earned it!!???

Michele said...

I think you look lovely. And convincingly happy.

Karen Mortensen said...

You look fine to me but I would like to see pictures of your new hair.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great... But i do notice that you are not caressing the trophy... TeeHee!

Lindsay-ann said...

That is a very big trophy. Your husband looks very happy to be having a picture with it! I think your hair is pretty but would love to see an after picture :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you looked great! What did you decide to do?

Michele said...

Very chic. Very brave. Very clever, too - "...she coyly murmured..." Hope you love it!

I got my wild mane permed yesterday. It's supposed to be a "beach Hair" perm, but I kind of resemble Mother Gothel from Tangled. Before Rapunzel sings her song.