Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good-Bye, November

Some years, I am really organized when it comes to the holidays. This is not one of those years. Unfortunately, if I don't prepare for Christmas around here, it won't happen. My husband will make sure to stock the fridge with eggnog, but that's about it.

I need to accept the fact that time is indeed flying, buckle down, and get to work . . . hauling the totes of Christmas decorations from the attic . . . writing Christmas cards . . . planning a schedule for baking and the menu for Christmas Eve dinner . . . shopping for and wrapping gifts . . .

. . . right after I finish my mug of cocoa and the book I'm reading.

Dinner last night: venison with cranberry sauce, wild rice, brussels sprouts

Exactly one year ago:


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture...I always enjoy reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Oh my word this is gorgeous Kim! I know what you mean. I must do something about it soon too. Last year I waited until the week before Christmas.... I have to do better this year!

Anne said...

Your pictures are really stunning. I hope you're framing some of them! I'm not at all ready for the holidays! It seems to creep up on me every year. This year we'll be out of town so that makes it a little easier.

Unknown said...

Usually by this date, I have the house totally decorated and the lights up outside. I have almost nothing done. It doesn't seem important this year.

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

What a gorgeous picture!!!! I love it!!
I totally agree, I can't believe how fast time is children just reminded me today that there's only 26 days til Christmas....ugh thanks That reminds me, we need to take our Christmas card picture yet......oh boy!!!

Quadmama said...

I make my husband haul up the decorations from the basement and put up the outside lights. The rest is up to me... which is why some years we have a scaled back version of our decorations!

barbaramaarit said...

Hi Kim,
Just curious. What is the good book you are reading? I just picked up Nancy Lord's 2009 book Rock Water Wild, An Alaskan Life, this morning in the library. I think I'll like it, but I'm off to the gym before I really get into it. The book will be my reward when I get back home.

I forgot to tell you that I have a Kindle and really like it a lot. . . especially for traveling.

(Twice in one day. A record?)

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Christmas is squarely on my shoulders as well. I do think my husband would attempt to put up the train. He loves that part of it.

What a gorgeous sunrise, that sort of thing probably just distracts you from the whole lot of it!