Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We're All Winners

My girls' dreams of spending their Christmas vacation sledding and skiing have been thwarted by the colder than typical temperatures of this December.

Since the kids are spending so much time indoors, I came up with a plan to play a different board game each day and keep a running list of who won—at the end of two weeks we would have a Game Master.

We lasted about 3 days with keeping track of first place; after that, we began playing games willy-nilly and just for the fun of it. My eldest daughter loves Scrabble. My 10-year-old prefers Apples to Apples. The twins are learning how to play Chutes & Ladders. I'm partial to card games and my husband likes jigsaw puzzles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go whip some girls' booties in Sorry and then beat a couple of preschoolers at Candyland.

Dinner last night: caprese pasta salad

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Quadmama said...

We received a lot of new games for Christmas, so we've been having fun testing them all out. I've learned nothing can ruin game night faster than crowing a winner in "Pretty Pretty Princess!"

Katherine said...

That's a great idea. Although my boys have just been wanting to do puzzles, and it's kind of hard to crown winners in that.

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like fun to me. I love Apples to Apples and puzzles.

Michele said...

Somebody gave us Pictureka! this year, and I have to say that it's fun for a wide age range - even the 4yo can win a round once in a while against the bigger kids. A game that the whole family can enjoy is a rare bird, indeed.

Sounds like you all are having a winter to remember, in a good way!

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

Love this idea! =] I love board games and card games. =]
Seth received Stratego for Christmas, he loves it. =]

Anonymous said...

I love reading your sound like a great mom and you work hard for your family. Happy New Year!

glitzen said...

Sounds like fun! I love board games. For New Year's eve, we played Encore, and Who What Where (like Pictionary, on crack).
SORRY if you get stuck in CANDY LAND, but you can always eat some APPLES TO APPLES if you can reach them with your CHUTES AND LADDERS.