Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are We Ready for Tomorrow?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the skies decided to open up and throw down some rain to freeze across the ground in sheets of glare ice. I thought I lived in the wilds of Alaska, where all the women wear Crocs, all the men are hairy, and all the children run around without coats, but I guess I'm residing in a delicate suburb where the schools CLOSE DOWN FOR TWO DAYS because of icy roads. TWO DAYS. So I'm trying to prepare the house for guests, bake a pumpkin pie or two, and stay sane with four children unexpectedly home from school, screaming for hot chocolate and demanding the password to the computer so they can watch Disney shows online.

If you ask me, the teachers aren't banning children from skating in and out of traffic to school; they just want a 6-day weekend this holiday. Well played, teachers. Well played.

Whether you're in the icy rain or in the sunshine this November, I hope your day tomorrow is peaceful and blessed. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Dinner last night: herb-crusted chuck roast and veggies

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Heather~sheaaa6 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kim!! =]

Anne said...

Just think, you could live in Los Angeles where this year they gave the WHOLE WEEK off at Thanksgiving. It's a killer.

Happy Thanksgiving! (:

motheroad said...

OK, you totally crack me up, every time. Well played, Kim, well played.