Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's Big-Boned Is All

A recent visitor to our home took one look at our sweet Daisy Doodle and proclaimed, "That dog is getting fat." We are now taking her for long evening walks.

Dogs have feelings, too, you know.

Dinner last night: southwestern eggrolls

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Mother Mayhem said...

Does this collar make my butt look big? TeeHee

Daisy Doodle looks like a sweetie. :o)

Unknown said...

Poor Daisy! Now she needs extra belly rubs and snout smooches to recover from that nasty comment!

Unknown said...

I can't even pass off the big boned comment about my dog. She's just a tub of lard. She's cool with it, though.

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Ah, my parents dog has been on the Fit 'n Trim for some time now. He still looks as wide as he is tall. We don't say these things out loud to him though. Daisy looks pretty spry, good luck undoing the damage to her self-esteem.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think she's adorable.

I had to take one of my mom's dogs to the vet once. The vet lectured me on the dog's eating habits and ordered me to put him on a diet immediately. When I told her it wasn't my dog, the vet said that was no excuse.

glitzen said...

Ha ha! My husband said Dandelion is fat. I stuck out my tongue at him. But right now, I hope she gets fat because I had her bred for mid november PUPPIES! So excited!
Daisy is so cute, and that's a great picture of her. :)