Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Five: Quadmama

Welcome to Friday's Five, my weekly feature that asks a fabulous follower 5 random questions.

Today I'm talking with Quadmama from Buried in Laundry. She is a former TV news anchor and current full-time mom of 4 little girls. Quadruplets! Her posts include anecdotes involving her children, as well as her outlook on parenting as she learns from trial-and-error what works for her and her husband in raising their daughters.

1. How old are your children and what styles of shoes do they like to wear? My girls are four-and-a-half. They love shoes. They get excited about new shoes, regardless of the type. However, their favorite style is dress shoes.

2. If you heard from a friend that she was expecting multiples, what must-have baby item would your recommend? Just one must-have?! A wagon. It won't get much use before about age one, but my Radio Flyer All Terrain wagon was such a wonderful thing to have. I could easily take my daughters to a store by myself by just plopping them in the wagon. Plus, it came in handy for trips to the zoo and other outings. We had a quad stroller, but it was so heavy and not very easy to push. I ditched it as soon as I got my wagon.

3. You write great stories about your daughters. Can you talk a little about your decision to not post pictures of them? I've heard stories of other moms of multiples who have had pictures of their children used by "fakers." I've become very aware of what information I put out there about myself and my family. I just don't want their pictures to fall into the wrong hands. Every now and then I'll post a group picture taken from an angle where you can't see their faces. I enjoy reading other blogs with pictures . . . it certainly makes the blog more personal . . . but it's not something I feel comfortable doing.

4. I only have two 4-year-olds, and our house feels noisy and chaotic a lot of the time. I can't imagine how you're able to take quiet moments for yourself with four! How do you cope when you start to feel "buried in laundry"? I have a great husband. He knows that when he leaves for work I'm on my own, so he's pretty receptive to me squeezing in a work out or taking a walk when he's home. I'll also turn on my MP3 player when I'm making dinner or cleaning up just to have a little distraction.

5. What did you have for dinner last night? Tacos made with Hubby's "secret" ingredient (barbeque sauce to season the ground turkey).

Thanks, Quadmama! My husband would love it if I'd squeeze in a work out or two. Like that's ever going to happen. But I do plan on squeezing in another interrogation of an unsuspecting blogger, so see y'all back here next week for another round of Friday's Five!

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Mother Mayhem said...

Wagons are also great for larger babies too! It was never easy finding a stroller for Sweetums. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Quads! Woweeee. I must go and pay her a visit. Nice interview. Have a great weekend!

Katherine said...

How have I missed this feature? I love it. I'm impressed with all people who have multiples. I can barely handle them one at a time. I wish we had gotten a wagon when my kids were little. But our apartment was so tiny, there was no room for it. Now that we have room, the boys don't want one. Such is life. But I may buy one for myself. To have them pull me around in when I'm tired of chasing them.

Quadmama said...

Thanks for interviewing me!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I can't imagine having quadruplets!

Kudos to this awesome mom and to you for another great Friday's Five post!

MaryAnne said...

I always enjoy quadmama's blog =)

Sadia said...

Fantastic interview. I second the wagon recommendation. Quadmama is a wonderful blogger and person; I'm so glad to see her featured here.