Friday, July 30, 2010

The Return of Friday's Five

I used to reserve Fridays for a regular feature I cleverly entitled Friday's Five, wherein I plucked a fabulous blogger from the Internet, sat her down in an uncomfortable folding chair, and asked her five random questions. I don't remember why, but I took a short break from interviewing. What was intended as a brief interlude morphed into a lengthy hiatus, which mutated into a cold and insensitive avoidance of my weekly Q and A session.

I've noticed that the followers section has been growing over there on the sidebar—which thrills me and humbles me and, frankly, blows my mind—and I've been wanting to get to know some of these wondrous people who have bravely subscribed to my site o' drivel. I suspect that they're victims of a hostile computer virus, which has assigned them to my blog against their knowledge and/or will. Quite possibly, feline pets high on catnip have stumbled across keyboards and accidentally signed up their owners to my site. Whether they knowingly subscribed or were duped in a cruel and heartless prank, I shall brazenly select potential subjects for Friday's Five from my list of Fabulous Followers, convince them that it is in their best interest to answer my questions, and post our visits where everyone can listen in on the fun.

So! Friday's Five returns next week, and until then, here's a list of past victims whom I've interrogated and whose blogs I highly recommend:

Friday's Five: Dawn (Bee and Rose)
Friday's Five: Michelle (Scribbit)
Friday's Five: Jen (Li'l Man's World)
Friday's Five: Michele (The Stefo Crew)
Friday's Five: Geri (saddlepotatoes)
Friday's Five: Helene (I'm Living Proof that God has a Sense of Humor)

Dinner last night: soft tacos, refried beans, corn

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. But you maybe shouldn't have put me first. Today I posted about turtles doing it at the zoo. But, miracle of miracles, I managed to do it without any bad words. You can be proud of me now.

Unknown said...

yay I wondered what happened to that section. I missed it!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a good idea. Can't wait to see your next one.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is such a fun idea!

I might have to start doing something similar with my featured blogs on Sundays. Sometimes it's tough to come up with good stuff to write about people!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

That Dianna girl is really fun .... oh, wait, that's me!

Thanks for putting this up again!
I'm going to go back and check out the folks that I don't know, as well as re-read my own post.