Monday, June 21, 2010

Greetings from the Face of the Sun

I really thought that when I came down to New Mexico with my daughter's soccer team that I would have some free time to explore. I had mental images of myself photographing unusual rocks and stunning sunsets as I hiked atop a stony mesa, my thin and tanned legs clad in khaki cargo shorts and a jaunty safari hat upon my head.

The reality is I'm nowhere near any kind of scenic wonder, although my daughter's soccer playing is rather awesome, and the only jaunty thing sitting upon my head is a pair of sunglasses that keep sliding down my sweaty nose. We won't talk about my legs in shorts. Suffice it to say they are neither thin nor tanned.

By the way, it's a cool 95° outside. On the longest day of the year. In the desert.

Dinner last night: pizza

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Karen Mortensen said...

oh well. We can dream can't we? Hope you have a good time.

Katherine said...

I always have ideas of what my "vacations" will be like, ones that reality never lives up to. But your daughter looks awesome on the field.

Michele said...

I wish you had more time to explore. How long is your "vacation?"

How has your daughter adjusted to playing in such extreme conditions?

Anonymous said...

May I say this post made me laugh and your daughter looks like an amazing athlete.

Sadia said...

It took me a second to realize that you were being ironic when you called the temperature cool. Initially, I thought, "Wow, she acclimated fast!"

My car said 103 degrees yesterday on the way home.

(By the way - Yay for athletic daughters!)

glitzen said...

Well, you can't get too tan, or we Alaskans won't let you back in our state! No fair! :)
Sounds like a great trip though. I don't do well when its that hot though...or humidity..UGH.