Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye, Albuquerque, I Barely Knew Ye

My week in New Mexico has flown by and already come to an end. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to see more of the landscape outside the city, but I was kept busy chauffering my daughter to her team meetings, team-bonding activities, team dinners, team practices, and tournament games. We had a couple hours of free time between hotel check out and our departing flight, so I headed to the mountains bordering the eastern edge of Albuquerque.

The rocky cliffs of New Mexico have their own rugged beauty. I took a tram to the top of Sandia Peak, where the temperature was a good 30° cooler than on the desert floor.

In stark contrast to the jagged peaks are the jumbled piles of rounded rocks.

The light is so different in New Mexico; most of my pictures look over-exposed, due to the bright desert sun.

I'd like to go back some day, preferably in October when the hot air balloon festival occurs, and then spend some time hiking around and viewing the pueblo ruins. In the meantime, I've got to get home to my husband and little girls . . . I miss 'em!

Dinner last night: chicken and rice casserole

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Liz Mays said...

That truly is gorgeous out there!!! Too bad it's over already.

Katherine said...

Gorgeous landscapes. Who would have ever thought that Albuquerque would now be a place I want to visit? Have a safe trip home.

Karen Mortensen said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful out there! I've never been.

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

Beautiful pictures Kim. =]
Glad you and your daughter enjoyed your time there. =]
Hot air balloon festival sounds awesome. =]

glitzen said...

Your pictures are beautiful! What a neat experience. Sorry you were kept so busy, I know how it is to be in a new place, and yet not have enough time to explore! :)