Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Helpful Hints

I don't think I could sleep tonight if I didn't pass on this information, which I recently received in a letter from Ford. Safety is very important to them, and it should be to you, as well. Feel free to forward these tips to your friends and family via email and texting. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you can't make out the text in the photo, I'll retype it here (emphasis mine):

In the event your vehicle experiences shimmy, you should slowly reduce speed by either lifting off the accelerator pedal or lightly applying the brakes. The shimmy will cease as the vehicle speed decreases.

I feel like such a dummy. All these years, I've been trying to reduce speed by pressing the accelerator pad. I have tried the brakes on occasion, but always with a heavy foot, which resulted in whiplash to the kids' necks and the burning of rubber off my tires—I appreciate Ford Company for suggesting I lightly apply the brakes. I had never thought about what I might do, should my vehicle experience a shimmy . . . my instinct would be to drive straight off the road and into a tree to stop my car as soon as possible. Thanks to Ford, I now realize that I should slowly reduce my speed.

Starbucks would be smart to follow Ford's lead in matters of safety. I'm looking forward to receiving a letter from them in which they advise me on how to handle a cup of coffee:

In the event your latte is too hot to gulp, you should set your cup gently down on the table for a minute or lightly blow across your beverage before sipping. The coffee will cool as time passes.

Stay safe, readers.

Dinner last night: tamale pie, spinach salad


Helene said...

I know, stating the obvious, right? As if you didn't already know that? I'd love to know who writes these letters up...maybe they just discovered the concept of gently lifting their foot off the accelator actually slows the car down. What a concept!

glitzen said...

Oh boy, glad I read this. Phew.

Ha ha, I needed the coffee tip too. Glad you put that in there. So much crucial info on this blog, no wonder I never stray too far away!

Michele said...

Thanks for the kind words about my girls' portraits!

Unknown said...

have you ever read directions for a poptart? they evem have microwave directions! idiots.