Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cold Morning

Technically, it is spring. The sun shines brightly . . . but its rays are without warmth. The grass is showing . . . but lawns stand brittle and brown. Trees wave gently in the morning breeze . . . but their limbs look thin and naked without leaves.

Shadows stretch out long.

Thin sheets of ice over mud puddles
break up like shards of glass.

Patches of alders stand useless,
with no leaves to offer shelter and
their choicest bark stripped away by hungry moose.

Tightly closed buds reach for the sun, though,
and soon the trees will recover.

Dinner last night: sour cream enchiladas, refried beans, sweet corn


Helene said...

Oh those trees look so tired and barren!! I actually thought that WAS shards of glass on the ground.

Glad to see that there are subtle signs of spring in the air!

glitzen said...

Yes! We have hope..even though spring is slow coming this year. today we have snotty weather, with rain showers and winds. icky! but the snow is melting and the lake is starting to get that blue look, where the ice is thinning finally. yippee!

Lani said...

Great photos!

twinmamabee said...

Why is it even mud puddles look beautiful in Alaska? Serious, what's the secret? Our mud puddles look like mud puddles around here in the ole midwest.

I just noticed in the past couple of days our trees starting to bud. My mom lives one hour south of me and her trees were already budding last week. So, it's on the way up north!