Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Iceberg Graveyard

April is the month when I notice tiny birds pecking in the brown grass, look around at the blue sky, turn my face toward the bright sun, and think to myself Yay! Spring is here! After counting five straight days of dry pavement, I nudge my husband. My annual declaration of "I think it's time to take the snowtires off the minivan" is usually followed the very next day by a raging storm that leaves at least half a foot of snow on the ground. 

Spring is not a lot of fun in Alaska. We call this time of year "Break-Up." It involves snowing and melting, thawing and freezing, expanding and retracting. And mud. Lots and lots of mud. Still, there's a certain appeal to dirty water.

If you walk down to the edge of the trees,
you can see for yourself.

The silty water rushes quickly by,
carrying large chunks of ice away from land.

As the tide goes out,
lopsided icebergs settle down to rest on the muddy flats.

Dinner last night: Italian chicken strips, fruit salad


Michele said...

I love your glimpses into the Alaskan life! We consider ourselves lucky if we catch sight of a red-tailed hawk or pileated woodpecker. And you regularly see convocations of bald eagles. Wow.

Re: stomach flu - we had a similar version, days long, with dry heaves. I even fell sick this time, and boy, does the house come to a grinding halt when THAT happens!

I kept pinching the skin on the backs of their hands to see if they were becoming dehydrated, but otherwise I just let them call the shots, and eat or drink when they were ready.

Now that everybody's over the stomach flu, we're looking at a new round of head colds. Will the warm weather NEVER come???

Helene said...

I just love your pictures!!! Does it get warm at all in the summer? Or is it always mildly cool?