Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Bird in the Hand is Worth 4 Shushing Girls in the House

My teenager can catch just about anything. I'm not talking a cold or chicken pox. I'm talking other living creatures. She possesses quick reflexes and can snatch a butterfly out of the air as it flutters by without breaking her constant stream of talking. She's the kid I always send after the dogs when they take off down the road; she sprints after them and can grab them by the collar before they even smell her presence. We were delighted, but not necessarily surprised, when she came into the house with a big smile on her face and whispered, "Look what I caught!"

The poor thing had somehow flown into the garage (under the door that was only open a foot or so from the ground) and trapped itself up against the one window. Allison walked right over and scooped it up. She fully intended to set it free; she just wanted to show off for her younger sisters, so she brought it in.

We didn't want its little bird heart to explode from terror, so we said our hellos quickly and quietly. The twins and I oohed and aahed, petted its tiny head, and then watched it spring from Allison's hand and fly off into the trees.

Dinner last night: oven-baked chicken, brown rice, green beans

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Unknown said...

Amazing! Clearly Vetrenary School is in her future! When I was a little girl and my grandmother was busy canning my grandfather would give me a salt shaker and tell me that if I could get close enough to sprinkle salt on a bird's tail feathers it would let me pick it up. I must have run MILES in their acre of yard chasing birds, and never caught one 😂

Kathy G said...

I'm thrilled to see you popping up in my feed reader again. This girl has a special talent; not only could I not catch a bird, but I wouldn't even want to.