Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Can't Take It With You

On the drive to school this morning, my kindergartner was looking through my purse.
Meg: Mommy, when you die, can I have your red wallet?
Me: Sure.
Meg: Yay!

Dinner last night: fettuccine with scallops

Exactly one year ago:


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I remember my daughter asking questions like that. Now that she is almost 32 she doesn't seem to want my things anymore!

Michele said...

That's funny . . . yesterday my 6yo Noelle said, "Mommy, if you die, nothing will ever make me happy again."

Karen M. Peterson said...

Your kids are hilarious!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so funny.

Katherine said...

Hilarious! Since all my kids are boys, I don't think there is anything of mine that they want at the moment.

LisaDay said...

Ha, ha. The labeling starts already.