Friday, November 4, 2011

100% Organic Talent, No Special Effects Included

Basketball is a popular sport up here in Alaska, especially in our small isolated communities where most of the townspeople cram into the gym to support the home team when a rival school flies in for a game. The band plays, the cheerleaders jump, and the crowd goes hoarse yelling at the refs. Over the decades, young men from Alaska have even made it to the NBA; most recently Carlos Boozer from Juneau signed with the Chicago Bulls.

My daughter goes to school with a boy who literally has been playing basketball since he was big enough to bounce a ball. He's in sixth grade, but already a starting player for the eighth grade team. He comes from a family of basketball stars, including his older brother, whom you must watch in this video that he made with his college teammate. All of their shots are absolutely real:

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Katherine said...

Not only does Alaska have a surprisingly prominent force in pro sports (Boozer was at my home town of Salt Lake before going to Chicago!), but they were also very well represented in the finals of America's Got Talent. It's just a very talented state.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That's some serious talent!