Friday, October 9, 2009

Wet Leaves

From a distance, the Alaskan fall presents its glory, with fiery trees outlined against blue mountains tipped with snow. A closer look, however, reveals that autumn is almost finished.

The birches beyond our woodshed
stand thin and shivering.

More leaves cover the ground than fill out the trees.

No longer green and fragrant,
the wild grass moves sadly in the wind,
waving a gentle good-bye.

Skinny limbs flash their colorful elderberries . . .
but they are shriveled and dying.

Red leaves riddled with holes
hang onto their branches for dear life.

A lone stem of clover defies the weather, determined to stand guard over her patch of garden. Normally I'd snatch her out of the ground, but today I forgive her obstinance and let her live a little longer. Winter will arrive all too soon and finish her off.

Dinner last night: pizza

Exactly one year ago today: Make Up Your Mind, Alaska!


twinmamabee said...

Wow, it happens quickly, doesn't it? Love the captions as much as the pictures!

THANK YOU for being my very first comment on my new site!! So excited!!

Helene said...

Your descriptions of the pictures are just as beautiful as the pictures themselves!! Winter is coming up quick for you's just now finally starting to get chilly here. It's about darn time!

glitzen said...

Okay, reduce me to tears, why doncha??? JK. Sigh. Yes, summer is waving goodbye, no doubt about it. I'm not ready! Its like an old friend moving out of town.

I took some fall pics at Tern Lake recently. It was glorious! I will post them on my blog soon.

Hang on little clover! You are adorable and we don't mind if you hang around a bit longer....